TS SBTET Diploma Time Table for Instant Exams.

TS SBTET Diploma Time Table for Instant Exams C-16 Scheme on 17 and 18 of June-2019:

SBTET–Exams-Advanced Supplementary (Instant) Examinations to be directed in the long stretch of June-2019-Time-Table – Forwarded – Regarding. With reference to the subject referred to above, Please discover the enclose Detailed Time – Table Instant Exams relating to the Advanced Supplementary Examinations to be led on 17-06-2019 and 18-06-2019. As you know that Advanced Supplementary is intended for Regular Final year (VI semester) applicants showed up for March/April-2019 tests and having 2 or less than2 accumulation Subjects, along these lines, leading the test on the sequential request of semester and Order of Subjects in a semester falling on 2 days of the test. The hopefuls readmitted from C-14 to C-16 Scheme having accumulations somewhat in C-14 and C-16 will be coordinated to show up for C16 plan build-up on the first day and C-14 overabundances on second day else both of C-14 or C-16 according to semester/subject code request as expressed in this letter.

ts diploma time table

Principals are educated that the Copies regarding the Time – Table will be "put on the Notice Board" and at conspicuous places in the College for wide exposure with respect to date, time, and test community to support the competitors. The Principals are mentioned to check the Time-Table, and if any errors are discovered the equivalent will be brought to the notice of the "Appointee Secretary, EE-II Section in the Board through email id promptly for making the vital move. The Candidates need to show up the primary test (Starting from first year, third semester, fourth semester, fifth semester and sixth Semester) on 17-06-2019, and resulting test on 18-06-2019, If the two tests are in a similar semester they have to seem beginning in the request (X01, X02, and so forth,) the first test on seventeenth and second test on eighteenth June, if Candidates are enlisted for useful subjects, the concerned Principals are mentioned to lead such Exams at the very latest 19-06-2019 and send the PM checks quickly to DSEE1, email is dysecy1-sbtet@telangana.gov.in. The above time-table is additionally put in the site (i.e.) www.sbtet.telangana.gov.in.

The above time-table is likewise put in the site (i.e.) www.sbtet.telangana.gov.in.

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